The name etechvidya is a combination of three words that is e for electronic, tech is the abbreviation of technology and vidya is a Sanskrit word for knowledge. So, etechvidya a knowledge which is related to the technology of a particular type.We believe the knowledge should be explained as simple as possible. We at will always try to provide technological subjects in a very crystal clear, lucid and self-explanatory manner.We also believe a learner should be well equipped with the latest technologies and the examples must be derived from the real world. Learning must be somewhat related to real-world entities.Our tutorial will help beginners as well as working professionals in the industry. Our tutorial has been designed in such a way that a first-time reader will not face any difficulty in understanding the concepts and facts.Apart from tutorials on various topics we also provide interview questions at the end of each topic so that the readers are ready to crack the interview very easily.We believe technology and education must be made free and available to everyone across the globe and that is the reason why we don’t have any preconditions, not any login system to view our contents. Keeping these things in mind we have created this website to provide informative contents always and forever free.Our team is made up of young and fervent professionals trying to give their best eloquent knowledge.